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Tony is an actor/ producer based in New York.

Founder of BackBone Pictures

Lionsgate Theatrical release in US theaters 2023






Tony Schiena first got his start in the film business with the role of Leonardo in William Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice, starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, and Joseph Fiennes, and the feature Dot Kill by acclaimed director John Irvin, Oscar winner Bobby Moresco, and Emmy winner, Armand Assante.

Tony quickly parlayed his first roles among Oscar winners into the action film "Wake of Death", theatrically released in Europe, Asia, and various other territories, Tony garnered great revues for his dramatic and action skills alike. Tony's action skills became in high demand and he was catapulted to lead starring roles in various numerous Lionsgate Grindstone action films.

After the lead-action roles, television soon came knocking, starting with a guest star role opposite Oscar nominee Gary Sinise in the opening of Season 2 of CSI NY. Tony further proved his acting prowess in a diverse array of roles including comedy, romance, and thriller.

Tony's first venture behind the camera came as executive producer of "Wilde Salome", directed by and starring Oscar winners Al Pacino and Jessica Chastain. Tony stepped into the role of filmmaker and a triple-threat when he created "DARC" which premiered on both Netflix and Amazon simultaneously and garnered almost 5 stars. Tony wrote, produced, and starred in this action feature that was filmed in Japan and Vancouver.

Television once again immediately followed with a lead role in Paper Empire co-starring Kelsey Grammar, Wesley Snipes, Anne Archer, etc.

Tony's love for being a filmmaker has catapulted him to the role of director, helming his latest feature "The Weapon" produced, written, and starring Tony, Oscar winner Cuba Gooding Jnr, Bruce Dern, Ja Rule, etc.

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