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Levaba Mallison - Director of Music Production

Levaba MallisonLevaba started out as a recording artist. He was in kids group with Teddy Riley, Timmy Gatling and Clurel Henderson. They were called "Kids at Work". Doug E. Fresh and Levaba grew up together and for a while he was actually a member of the "Get Fresh Crew". When Levaba decided that he wanted to sing and rap he and Teddy produced his single on Sugar Hill records entitled "That Girl". That is where he met Kool Mo, with an "e" back then and they usta hang around the studio talking and fooling around. It was at that point that he left to start a record company of his own called "Roof Top" records and Mo was his first Artist. Teddy and Levaba produced their first release entitled "Go See The Doctor". It brought quite some sucess and they just grew from there. Levaba co-produced and managed Mo throughout that period.

Also during the same time period he manged the Philly group"3 times Dope", Steve Arrington and several producers. Levaba served as a consultant to Motown records and Jive records. He worked along side Quincy Jones for 2 years in L.A.. Levaba was the one to bring R. Kelly to Jive after he could not get him done with Quincy at Warner bros.. The group "Brik Citi" on Motown records featuring Mark Middleton of "Blackstreet" fame was Levaba's creation and production. He was responsible for music in the films "Scrooge" starring B. Murray, "King Of New York" and "Taking Care of Business". Besides being a part of the return of Kool Mo Dee to the Game. Levaba has had the pleasure of working along side the Original Gangster and Gentleman Ice-T on his latest offering.

Quoted by Creative Artists Agency's Chief Music Executive and Partner Rob Light in his keynote address at the 2004 Concert Industry Consortium.







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